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No matter how shallow it may sound, girls, let’s just admit it: One of the beauty issues, we obsess over, is doing our best to find that perfect haircut that make us not only look, but feel fantastic! And in truth, the various hairstyles and haircuts make such a big difference when it comes to our appearance, why wouldn’t we want to get it right? Fortunately, there are a few tricks and tips to help us when we have no idea where to start… and get this – it all comes down to your face shape. Once you have figured out what your face shape is, it is easy to find out which styles and cuts flatter your face.

Smiling womanTips to Remember for Your Face Shape

Here are some tips on what to look for in a haircut in order to suit your face shape. Remember, it’s your hair, and you can do whatever you want, as long as you feel good! But if you really want a style that will flatter your face shape, follow these simple guidelines and play around with your options:

Round: Keep hair flat on the sides – short hairstyles, rounded haircuts, such as curly and bobs, will only make your face look rounder. You should aim to visually elongate it.

Long: In this situation, you should focus on getting volume with hairstyles that have width: wavy, bobs, and curly hair, as well as long bangs, will look great with long face shapes. Avoid too straight and too long cuts as they may drag your face down.

Oval: Lucky you! Any hairstyle suits you. Just experiment and see what you like best. You can have a different hairstyle every day!

Heart: Long and wavy hairstyles look great with this face shape, which is defined by having a narrow chin and wide forehead. Also, short layers are not your best option. Side-swept bangs also look amazing.

Square: To soften a square face, choose softer styles such as layers, curls, and wispy bangs. Avoid chin-length cuts.

Try It Out! 

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Once you know what might suit you and what to avoid, it’s time to try it out. If you want a fabulous hairstyle then you should definitely visit Janice Beauty Salon of Orlando, FL. There you will get expert advice on which haircuts will suit you best and a five-star treatment.

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