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Tips to Help You Hide Frontal Hair Thinning

The Professionals at Our Hair Salon Know Some Tricks That Can Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Hair thinning is a major problem for many women that visit our hair salon in Orlando, FL. This is why, we have decided to dedicate our post to solving this problem by means of an easy, non-surgical intervention, called a professional hairstyle. If you want to learn how to do it yourself and conceal some of the hair loss problems you have, you’d better read on!

Here is how you can hide some of your frontal hair thinning:

  • Do not stick to the same hairstyle. The more often you change your hairstyle, the less time you will give to your hair to get used to a certain direction that you comb it at. Once your hair will get used to a certain hairstyle shape, it will lose its volume, and we all know that the volume is what gives the illusion of more hair.
  • Change the color of your hair. What many women do not know when dying their hair black is that dark hair colors can make a forehead more visible when your hair is not as thick as you wish. Hair thinning can be hidden well with a light colored dye. Becoming blond is the best camouflage you can consider.
  • Crayon sticks. These products come in a wide variety of colors. When you find the best match with your natural hair, you can use this product to hide spots with thinner hair. Warning: Do not use them if you live in places with a high concentration of moisture. Consult a hairstylist from our hair salon before you get one of these and start using it, just to be on the safe side.

If you want full volume, and you want to get your hair treated with natural professional styling products, do not hesitate to visit our local hair salon. To book an appointment at Janice Beauty Salon, you can either stop by in advance or call us at (407) 264-9700.

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