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Visiting a hair salon is a pleasant experience anywhere, but in Orlando, FL it acquires a special meaning. In this city, veryone wants to look like a movie star and to have the hair style of a favorite celebrity. There are a number of types of haircut that are named after the famous person who wore them, or the characters these people played. Two examples of such haircuts are “Farrah Fawcett,”(the style that the actress wore in Charlie’s Angels”) and “Rachel” (Jennifer Anniston’s style worn in Friends). However, you don’t necessarily have to look like a certain star in order to be beautiful. The most important thing when choosing a hairstyle is that it suits you. So, how can you find the right kind of style for you? Here are some basic kinds of haircuts depending on the type of hair you have.

The haircut styles that suits you

A woman with white flower in the hair.Haircuts for straight hair. Straight hair has three big advantages – it reflects light in a beautiful way; it almost never frizzles and is easy to style. The basic technique for cutting straight hair is cutting it with dry scissors to achieve a “blunt” look. Razors are forbidden. A few long layers can be added which will soften the lines and create movement. However, too many of them can make the hair appear stringy. If your hair is long, the hairstyle for you is called blunt base. A heavy-straight or sweeping bang can be added, (Sandra Bullock’s look at this year’s Golden Globes). If your hair is shoulder-length you can wear the classic blunt or any other variation of it, for example, the more graduated style, which is characterized by the hair being slightly longer in the front than in the back. If your hair is short, the Pixie cut is recommended (Pink, Ginnifer Goodwin).

Haircuts for wavy hair. Wavy hair has to be cut in layers in order to avoid the “rounded” or “mushroom” effect. However, it is very important where these layers are placed and how they are cut. The layers should be neither too short nor too numerous; they should be distributed throughout the interior and exterior of the hair. It is better for this type of hair to be cut with scissors. Razors can be used sometimes to add definition and softness. If your hair is long, the recommended cut is long, graduated layers. A nice touch would be a side-angled or sweeping bang. Long layers are also the best option for shoulder-length hair. Short wavy hair should be cut in one length. Layers only give this kind of hair a rounded look.

Haircuts for curly hair. Curly hair needs to be cut wet. The stylist has to consider the diameter of the curl as well as its spring factor. The technique used for cutting it is called carving or slicing. If your hair is long, you can go blunt, with the outer layer sliced. This kind of cut is worn by Nicole Kidman. If your hair is of medium length, curls should be sliced at different lengths (? la Catherine Heigl). If your hair is short you can go for the pixie cut (Halle Berry) or chin-length (Charlize Theron).

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