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Janice Beauty Salon in Orlando, FL offers hair replacement. Few people are prepared for the feeling that the loss of hair can engender. Our sense of identity depends on the way we look. Your bald reflection in the mirror can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Temporary hair loss can be caused by drugs used to treat heart problems, depression, gout, or high blood pressure. Also, the condition can be brought about by a vitamin A, protein or an iron deficiency. Birth control pills are also known to have a role in inducing hair loss. Other reasons can be certain illnesses – severe infections, fungal infections, or thyroid disease.

Professional Hair Replacement

beautiful girl with hair extensionsHowever, the most common reason why people request hair replacement is a health condition called alopecia areata. People suffering from this disease lose their hair permanently due to an autoimmune reaction, which exists in the person’s immune system attacking their hair follicles. As a result, the person’s hair starts to fall out in clumps forming bald spots of various sizes. In some cases, the loss of hair can be complete- affecting the entire head or even body. The reason for this condition could be genetic, but there also are some other, unknown factors that cause it. The disease affects men, women and even children. If you have a relative with alopecia, or another autoimmune condition such as diabetes, lupus or thyroid disease, the chances are increased that you will have it too. Unfortunately, this type of alopecia cannot be cured. Treatments with medications such as corticosteroids and Rogaine can only have a temporary effect.

When a person suffers from alopecia, the inflammation affects the roots of the hair follicles that are situated deep in the skin. On the skin’s surface, very little is visible. There is no pain or redness, although, in the initial stages of alopecia development, some people might experience itchiness. However, usually, there are no other symptoms, other than the falling out of hair. The loss of hair can happen anywhere on the scalp and be quite sudden. The bald patch consists of smooth skin, which is characterized by nothing but the lack of hair. The hair follicles are not destroyed, and the hair can regrow. Nevertheless, when the inflammation returns, the process will be repeated. This happens with 30% of individuals suffering from this disorder. When the condition occurs repeatedly, the areas affected are increased.

Some people link the occurrence of alopecia to stress. However, this connection has not been proven scientifically, except in rare cases. Hair replacement remains the most effective solution for cases of alopecia. All other treatments will, eventually fail to achieve their goal of returning the hair on your head. We guarantee that in our hair salon, you will get the best quality procedure in the entire Orlando, FL. Contact Janice Beauty Salon now at (407) 264-9700.

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