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hair extensionsIf you want to entirely change your look in a day and shock all of your acquaintances, you should definitely visit a beauty salon and get hair extensions. Just one appointment with Janice Beauty Salon is enough for our staff to completely transform your look. It will only take a few hours before you get a totally new appearance.

What are hair extensions and what do they accomplish?
Hair integrations, or extensions, are lengths of hair that are added to existing hair to create a new look. There are different kinds of extensions to choose from. Some can be made from artificial human hair and the more expensive ones use real. These integrations, when added, will not only lengthen your hair but also add volume, creating a whole new look. What’s more, hair integrations can also add bangs to a hair-cut, or braids.


There are several methods to put in hair integrations.
– Clip-Ins (Clip-Ons)
– Cold fusion
– Lace Fronts
– Extension bonding and sealing etc.

Clip-in or clip-Ons are the least permanent. These clips are sewn into the person’s hair, with human hair in order to look and feel more natural. The length of the clips can vary from two to eight inches. At first, the client’s hair is sectioned off and the clips are placed into the hair, with the clips facing toward the scalp. The process is repeated until all the hair is in place. The best aspect of clip-in weaves or extensions is that they can be worn all day and night, but they must be taken out before going to sleep. So the heavy artificial hair will not bother you while you are resting.

Bonding and sealing extensions with hair glue don’t last as long as the sew-in process. The hair glue is a special mix of adhesives, which are applied directly to the hair. These products are designed to be added to any type of hair and will not damage or break it. Hair stylists usually section off the client’s hair, and then seal and bond the extensions using the hair glue. These weaves will stay in place for about three weeks, after that, the glue will lose its hold and the weaves will need to come out. When that happens, make an appointment and your stylist will take it out. Do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself unless you received professional directions from your hairdresser, otherwise, you risk to damage your own hair.

The newest advancement in hair weaving is the use of Lace Fronts. Lace Fronts are little caps with pretty hair on top of them. The stylist places the cap on the client’s head and they sew the cap on with the client’s current hair. This creates a more natural look. Before the Front is placed on the head, the client’s head is measured to ensure a proper and professional look. For care and washing of artificial hair, we suggest using a mild or even wig shampoo. For real hair, normal hair care works just fine.

If you are lucky to get a professional hairdresser service and treat your hair properly, your extensions can last for several months. Janice Beauty Salon salon has been at Orlando, FL for years, performing hair extension services, so call us now, and our professional and caring staff will answer all of your questions. To get more information or schedule an appointment, contact our salon assistant at (407) 264-9700.

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