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Hair braiding

Thus, a hair braiding is an attachment of false hair and hair weaving refers to the process of braiding false hair to somebody’s own hair in order to conceal hair loss or to increase volume, thickness and length. If done by a professional, the average hair weave lasts for about two months.  One can opt for a partial hair addition or for a full one. Several different techniques have been developed over the years; they can be grouped under: Basic hair braiding and advanced weaving.

Professional Hair Braiding

Hair Braiding By Expert Salon in Orlando

Braided hair.

Have your hair weaved into gorgeous designs by Janice Beauty Salon. Our salon is now offering special deals on hair braidings. We have been operating in the area for quite a while, and are staffed by professional artists. For anyone living in Orlando, FL, they can have access to the finest hair art. Our beauty outlet has been in business for about 10 years. Our services are an outstanding opportunity for anyone wanting to look classy over the weekend to get the treatment they deserve.

Hair braidings are coiling long hair into patterns and designs. It can be as simple as twisting three locks of hair into pigtails, but it can also be an astonishing work of beauty that would impress even well-off coworkers. Careful braiding by one of our talented artists will turn a head into a masterpiece. The results can be striking enough to turn heads. It is definitely a way to make an impression. If you are lucky enough a braid can last a few weeks with proper care, so you can enjoy that fancy look for a longer period. Braiding is entirely a craft performed by skilled hands.

Beautiful long braided hair

It is not necessary to use special products, although Janice Beauty Salon will be sure to do a vigorous washing and conditioning as a first step. Scrubbing and blow-drying your hair is also important, since hair then will not be so difficult to get braided and the process will take a relatively shorter period of time. Intricate designs can still take a long time, sometimes longer than a hour. Whatever the challenge, we offer the best hair braiding in the area, so do not be afraid to confide your braiding ideas with us.Interested customers can come out at our Orlando, FL studio and schedule an appointment or call us at (407) 264-9700 if they do not have the opportunity to do that in person. We will gladly offer you a time and date that will it your schedule if our salon is busy at the moment. Trust Janice Beauty Salon and have the best looking braids in the entire local community. Be the envy of your friends and co-workers and earn more confidence about your looks with the braids from Janice Beauty Salon. If you are not sure in your choice in our salon you can get your haircut by a stylist with years of experience!