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Women love long hair and men love the way it looks on women. However, not every woman can have hair of the desired length and thickness. If nature has not endowed you with the mane you deserve, top quality hair extensions can be an excellent way to achieve the look of your dreams. In Orlando, Janice Beauty Salon is the place where you can get stylish extensions that are made of natural, human hair. They will match the color of your hair or create highlight and lowlight effects.

Learn more about the hair extensions

Short hair styleHair extensions nowadays look exactly like natural hair. No one is able to tell whether this really is your hair. Extensions can be straight, wavy or curly and vary in length. They can be brushed, washed and styled like regular hair. Their color does not change or fade. You can even swim with your hair extensions on, provided your hair is tied back. Extensions can be easily removed; that is why they are suitable for people practicing certain professions, for example, acting. If one character must have short and the other long hair, you can’t wait for it to grow, otherwise, they will give the role to someone else. You can manage two roles simultaneously thanks to easily removable hair extensions. Acting does not happen only on stage or in front of a camera. If you love variety and you think that your hair should reflect the different roles you play in your life, hair extensions are just the thing for you. They are far more convincing than wigs.

If you have been wondering how extensions are attached, we shall unveil this mystery for you. There are several techniques that are used:
1. Fusion – This is the method which bonds the loose strands to the original hair, close to the scalp, with the help of either a clamped link or a special type of adhesion. This is a time-consuming, but very effective method.
2. Weaving or Sewing – The hair extensions are woven into the original hair using a special tool; this method is very secure.
3. Braiding – the extensions are attached to your own hair by using different braiding techniques.
4. Bonding or Gluing – strands are applied with a special kind of hair glue, which has to be applied or removed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
5. Clip-in – This type of technique does not take a lot of effort or time. Special snap clips are used to attach the loose strands to your own hair. Their advantage is that they can be easily removed and reused.
6. Ready-to-Wear Hair – These strands are easiest and quickest to attach and remove by means of clip or elastic.

It is best that hair extensions are attached by a professional. If you are in Orlando and you are looking for a beauty salon where they can do this procedure for you, why don’t you try Janice Beauty Salon. Phone us today at (407) 264-9700. You will be glad you did.

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