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What to Look For in a Beauty Salon

We understand that once you’ve found your Hair stylist, the chances you’ll ever look for someone else are small. However, there are situations when one may have to look for another beauty salon than the one they usually visit. Whether you just moved, or your hair stylist moved, or you just want to try something different, here’s what you should look for when choosing a hair salon.

One of our professional haircutsAppearance.
There is a reason they are called beauty salons. A true company understands the power of first impression. and they would do their best to offer a salon front appearance that will impress you. Oftentimes, a place that has flair and style denotes quality of service and creativity.

Every beauty salon should look impeccably clean and tidy. Besides the aesthetic beauty, a clean salon also gives a feeling of safety and trust. When you enter in a salon which specializes in haircuts, make sure you don’t see hair all over the place, paint brushes and bowls are out of sight when not being used and all towels, capes and linens are impeccably clean.

Quality of Service.
The only way to really understand how good the hair stylist is, is to try the salon yourself. However, you can still do some research about the salon before you entrust your hair to a stranger. You should at least check online whether the company has a website. Is there any feedback from clients? Does the salon specialize in more than haircuts? For instance, a good salon has stylists who specialize in hair extensions, hair braiding, etc.

Customer Satisfaction.
If the salon has a website, then check for testimonials. There are always people who share their opinion, especially when they’ve enjoyed the service. Don’t forget that word of mouth is the best advertisement, so see what other are saying.

Personality of Staff.
Your final decision should depend on the answer to these questions:

  • Is the staff pleasant?
  • Do you feel welcomed?
  • Do they anticipate your needs?
  • Do you feel that you can connect to your stylist?


If you follow this pattern, eventually, you’ll reach Janice Beauty Salon – one of the most reliable beauty salons in Orlando, FL. We specialize in haircuts, hair braiding, hair extensions and many other services. Feel free to call (407) 264-9700 is you have any questions.

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