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Affordable Haircuts in Orlando, FL

Hair is the crown of each lady, and good hair care is its irresistible sheen. Ladies, give brilliant beauty of your hair with the current proposal Janice Beauty Salon washing, hair treatment, cutting and drying in hair salon Janice Beauty Salon.

Great Looking Haircuts

Deeply nourishing hair perfectly trimmed and shaped by the hands of precision hairdresser. Professional care that will make you feel truly fascinating. Stylish haircuts with bangs are the absolute pick if you want a fast hairstyle makeover, but still want to keep your hair’s length and add a bit of feeling to your hairstyle. Ever wondered what makes a hairstyle a big hairstyle?

A woman sitting infront of laptop with great looking haircut.At Janice Beauty Salon, we do more than give rockin’ haircuts. We offer a full range of services, from good, clean hair washing to relaxing scalp massages. Not happy with your current color? We’ll change it for you with our full-color, highlights, or gray-blending services. We’ll even remove hair if that’s what you want. Whatever it takes to make you feel like a rock star. Come in and let us amp up your style. We can offer you different way to look beauty – try our quality hair extensions.

Everything starts with a stylish haircut – you know you’ve got a great haircut, if it falls into location when you’re styling it at house without being a pain. Learn how to ask for a stylish haircut from your hairstylist to get the best hairstyle for you and most significant, to get the haircut you want! If you want to be pretty come to our barber shop.

You’re longing for a new hairstyle, but nothing too extreme. The solution: Choose from these five guaranteed-to-flatter cuts — the bob, the shag, the pixie, long hair plus bangs, or long layers. You simply can’t go wrong with any of them.

 Fall is here and with the turning of leaves and cooling of the weather comes a change to your wardrobe and your overall appearance. Time for haircuts and a new hairdo! And Janice Beauty Salon is just the place to go. Come and relieve some tension, have some coffee and sit back and relax while Janice Beauty Salon works our magic to wash and style your hair the way you want. Janice Beauty Salon has been in business for 10 years. We only employee licensed, professional cosmetologists and are here to sere all your beauty needs.

Whether you want permed, dyed or curly hair, our experienced beauty experts can transform your look for less than what you’d expect to pay. Janice Beauty Salon is the premier beauty salon for the Orlando area and we’re proud to serve our community. That’s why we’ve stayed here in Orlando for 10 years; our clients mean the world to us!