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In our beauty and hair salon we believe in the importance of feeling confident and comfortable with one’s self.

Janice Beauty Salon is a full-service salon dedicated to achieving your every beauty desire. Hair is our passion and we will help you build that inner confidence and attractiveness that always gets that second look. There is an excellent beauty shop open in Orlando, FL, which serves a wide variety of patrons and hair styles. No haircut or customer is too difficult. A beauty salon or beauty parlor is an organization dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women. Janice Beauty Salon offers cutting edge hair salon and coloring services in the heart of Orlando, FL.

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If you have a special event and want to look fantastic, visit our beauty and hair salon and we will do our best to capture your personality in your hairstyle!


Our team is specializing hair extensions!

Most salon specialists do not call gluing or bonding “Hair Extensions”. They draw attention to the fact that gluing or bonding can break off the hair, can damage it or can even leave bald spots on the head. The top quality hair extensions are made by sewing or whip stitching with a needle and cotton nylon thread. Our hair extensions are the perfect way to add volume, length or dimensional color to your existing hair.

A woman with short haircut.Someone who has been in the business for a while can just do a better job. This is not to say they only do traditional haircuts, only that they know how to use a pair of scissors. Fusing old school skills with modern equipment and dyes and gels, the customer has the choice between the conventional and something a bit beyond.

As part of the competitive and constantly evolving hair and beauty industry, Janice Beauty Salon strives to stay up to date with the newest salon technology and haircuts. Our stylists are trained in the latest techniques to stay on the cutting edge of hair care and creativity. When creating a new look, we pay close attention to detail and to your desires. This allows us to personalize each look to the individual’s facial features, hair type and lifestyle. Let our highly trained and experienced stylists and colorists give you the look you want!

There is only one place to go when looking for haircuts in Orlando, FL. Some barbers specialize in a few particular styles, but a real expert is flexible. Walk into the right shop and have the freedom to talk about what you want. It is your hair and your custom creation. In many ways, it is similar to giving your imagination to a painter and allowing their creative skills to breathe life into your personal wishes. People have fantasies with their hair, and will sometimes travel a long distance to see their fantasies fulfilled. A skilled stylist is right around your corner. You can have exactly what you want, for much less hassle and a better price.

Amazing hair braidings

A woman with a new haircutA really good haircut only comes from someone with years of experience. This experience comes from cutting a wide range of styles and will deliver excellent results. Hair braiding service in Orlando, FL is also known as hair integration or hair intensification by many. It is interesting that man also go in for this process of increasing the volume of their hair. This mostly occurs when they have gone bald for some reason naturally. If you have undergone radiation and have lost hair you may also opt for hair braiding to cover your hair loss.

Black woman with long beautiful hair.There are tons of salon services you can choose for, from manicures to pedicures, haircuts to rebonds, hot oils to massages. Since not all clients have the same needs and issues when they enter our salon, we at Janice Beauty Salon strive to be well-prepared to perform all needs and conform to varying goals. So, what needs to be done? If you still haven’t decided yet, let one of our salon experts recommend viable options. With affordable cost and beautiful results, what’s not to like about Janice Beauty Salon?

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Why not stop by Janice Beauty Salon in Orlando, FL, or give us a call at (407) 264-9700 to answer any questions you may have. We offer convenient hours, just call to schedule a time that fits your schedule and get ready to have your lovely tresses pampered with high-quality products by an experienced and licensed professional. You really can achieve the look you want. Let us show you how beautiful you can be.

About our black hair salon

smiling African womanJanice Beauty Salon has brought black hairstyles to a new level of excellency through the use of innovative styling techniques developed for African American hair styles over the last 10 years. The result – healthier, longer, stronger and more beautiful hair. This, combined with our high quality hair products, guarantee the most exquisite super curly, texturized or relaxed styles. There is no other black hair salon in Orlando, FL more reliable or professional than us.

Located on International Drive, Orlando, FL, our black hair salon stand out from the rest by its elegance and beauty. We pride ourselves in having numerous faithful customers that are using our outstanding services on regular basis. With us, you’ll experience top rated customer services that you’ve never seen before. Our mission is clear: to provide outstanding hair styles that satisfy our customers 100%.

Janice Beauty Salon has an exceptionally skilled and experienced team of stylists whose works have frequently been featured in many hairstyle magazines. Each and every hair stylist from our team is highly trained and knowledgeable. We can perform even the most complicated and elaborate coiffures. All you’ve to do is come to our beauty and hair salon – we’re experts in beauty.

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The Best Hair Salon

I have been going to Janice Hair Salon for 11 years plus. Need I say more. She always does my hair professionally, and treats me like family. If you are looking for the best hair salon in Orlando, this is the place to be. Thank you Janice and team!

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We specialize in the art of beautiful natural hair – (407) 264-9700!

natural_hairWe only use high quality, special hair care products in our salon. We’re well known for being the experts in creating the best semi-natural hair style. This particular style has become the easy to care for hair style choice of all women. It is suitable for everyone with natural super curly textured hair and once done, they can enjoy the freedom and versatility of wearing their hair semi-natural or even in straight styles if they desire.

We know how to meet the requirements of all our clients, which is why we are preferred by many of the locals. In our natural hair salon, you are sure to receive outstanding services that will exceed your expectations. Here, you will rely on dedicated professionals who know how to ensure your complete satisfaction. Janice Beauty Salon is located in Orlando, FL so don’t hesitate to call us at (407) 264-9700 and make an appointment.

Our salon offers a wide range of services. When you come to us, you’ll be treated with professionalism and respect. We can also provide a facial and body shape analysis as well as offer our professional opinions about which haircuts and hairstyles would suit you best. On request, we can perform a thorough analysis of your hair and determine its elasticity, strength and porosity. The condition of the hair is extremely important especially when dealing with super curly textured hair.

hair_salonSo whether your hair is short or long, natural, relaxed straight, naturally curly or styled in twists, the experts of Janice Beauty Salon can help you keep its look and beauty or change its style radically. You just have to call (407) 264-9700 and book for an appointment.

Janice Beauty Salon is here at your service to help with all your beauty needs. Do you want to know more about what we can do for you? Just stop by in our black hair salon, or feel free to call us at (407) 264-9700 to schedule an appointment. Janice Beauty Salon does it all: haircuts, conditioning or more dramatic styling such as perming, curling or dyeing; You’ll definitely be the talk of the town after visiting our salon!